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The tale of the walking panda

Når man har teenagere i huset, så udfordres man som forældre meget ofte på sine skygger; det er som om teenageren har en indbygget radar for, hvor han kan trigge os allerdybest. Min søn Sebastian, 18 år, har i flere år været det, vi voksne kalder doven og ikke tilstrækkelig målrettet, hverken skolemæssigt eller sportsmæssigt. Da han skulle skrive sin sidste engelske stil i 3.G., måtte han frit vælge emne og genre. Det tog ham 1 time en sen aften at skrive denne stil, som han med et skævt smil lagde foran os og kaldte såvel selvbiografisk som et gensvar til vi voksne. Vi blev meget tavse og fik lyserøde ører, for vi fik i den grad en lektie i nærvær – eller mangel på samme….!

En novelle af Sebastian Kold

A long time ago in a large jungle there lived a panda. The panda did not seem to be dedicated to anything and the other animals in the jungle thought of him as sloppy because he never worked and therefore never increased his wealth. All the panda ever did was to walk around in the jungle all by himself.

The tiger, the richest animal in jungle, had worked hard for years but still felt like he was missing something. Therefore he always picked on the weaker animals and took their belongings, because the increase in his own wealth made him feel a bit happier. The small animals in the jungle thought of the tiger as a villain but they had no way of stopping him, because after all, only the jungle laws applied in their jungle and none of them were strong enough to oppose the big tiger.

One day a fox came to the big panda and exclaimed. “Ohh panda, you are so big and strong! You would definitely be able to fight the evil tiger. And if you win you can keep all the stuff the tiger has stolen from the other animals, and I would not say a thing if I just was allowed to get my old stuff back. Are you not interested in all that wealth?”

And the panda answered. “I am sorry fox, I am not even the slightest bit interested in the tiger’s belongings and I already feel wealthier than the tiger, and even though I would like to help you smaller animals, I do not want to do it by the use of violence.”

The fox felt that the panda was acting selfish not helping the small animals, especially because he was the only one not yet robbed by the tiger. Therefore the fox ran straight to the tiger and told him. “Tiger! The panda says that he is way wealthier than you, and also that you are too weak to take anything from him.”

The tiger became furious and roared. “No one in the entire jungle is as wealthy or as strong as me!”

The tiger figured that the reason why he had not yet known about the panda’s wealth, was because it was stored in a safe place far away. Which also explained why the panda was walking so far everyday!

So one day the tiger decided to sneak after the panda planning to make the panda reveal the location of the treasure. He would then attack the panda and steal his fortune; thus proving his superior strength and intellect.

The tiger sneaked after the panda for a long time, until he got tired of hiding and revealed himself to the panda asking. “Panda, you have been walking for such a long time now, where are you going? Where is the treasure hidden?!”

To this the panda quietly answered. “You will know when we get there.”

The panda kept on walking for days, seemingly not in any specific direction. He slept when he got tired and found a good place to sleep, ate when he got hungry and found some bamboo and drank when he got thirsty and found a pond to drink from. But he would still not reveal his final destination.

More and more animals in the jungle got curious about where the panda and tiger was going, and decided to join them. Along the road they walked by aromatic beautiful flowers, astonishing waterfalls and snowcapped mountains. The animals had a weird feeling of wellbeing and peacefulness being away from the everyday rush and their concerns – even the tiger began to enjoy himself and admired the nature around him.

One day the panda stopped next to a fig tree, and turned around to face the hundreds of animals following him. He said. “Here at this tree I will stay, I have walked long enough for now”.

The tiger looked uncomprehendingly at the panda and yelled. “Here?! At this stupid tree? Where is the sumptuous treasure?”

The panda looked the tiger in the eyes and said. “My dear friend. The path you have walked along with me and the other animals was the treasure. We have all been eating and drinking from the treasures of the earth and felt the beauty and the wonders of the jungle. We have all shared the wealth of the jungle.”